Monday, November 24, 2008

The quantum physics consciousness - Aquarian age

Just Think about it after reading

Quantum Physics is gonna revolutionize the way we view our physical world, new experiments will show lights to the physical world we all think is real !
We know all things in our physical word are made up of atoms, the air the water the physical particles..and these atoms are made of tiny particles like electron nutron and proton again the nucleus can be divided further.. do u know the most part of an atom is empty? well think like this, if you are the nucleus of an atom them the electrons revolving round will be 3 kilometers away from you and that means more than 99.9999 percentage of an atom is empty space and why we are not seeing empty space around us even if 99.9999 percentage of stuffs around us are empty..
It clearly give us an indication about the physical world sorrounding us. It is an illusion, if it an illusion what is real about this world?

Quantum Physics and Extra Diamensions

Experiments have revailed that electrons apear and disappear .. so where are when they are not here?
It can be in some other diamension .which we cant experience with our five sences.

This posting is incomplete ..... will be filling it soon

What is the aquarian age ?

Aquarian age is the age of Pisces and age is Pisces is know as age of subconscious or age of spiritual awakening also reffed as ¨The New age¨
We will see a dramatic shift in the concepts and ideas we were already following.
It will challenge the existing consept of traditional religions

Saturday, December 15, 2007

What happens to us while we sleep

Sleeping stage can be defined as the shutting down of our 5 senses. When we sleep our 5 senses will get detached from our soul.
Some of you might have gone through the same experience I had, if we really want to wake up at a particular time there is no need of an Alarm our Powerful soul will act as an Alarm to wake us up, No need of a particular time , it can be a particular incident which is gonna happen at a particular time during our sleep.
My experience : When I was in school a particular movie was paying in a movie channel i was interested to see an action scene of that movie and it was during night time and i was felling sleepy, i just slept and and woke up after some time and I walked towards my Television and opened it, hmmm do you believe that the action scene started after switching on the TV.
I have gone through lot of such experiences while sleeping.
I will be updating this blog soon with my experiences

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Soul

Who are we ? where are we coming from ? where are we going ? Are we unique ? these Kind of thoughts do arrive into the thirsty curious minds like mine ? We all live in a Mysterious world with so called limitations created by our Physical body and time.

There are many truths which we cant prove scientifically, scientific proofs are related to our 5 senses ie: smell, touch, taste, eyes, ear.
Imagine this situation, we all know that there is "yellow colour out there" , suppose you are the only person in this world who can see ( who got eyes ) can you prove the existence of yellow colour to others?
Like that there are lot of hidden truth around us.....
We all have one more sense other than our 5 senses, We call it 6th sense. It is the power of our soul, we also call it power of subconscious mind. Some people see things which are gonna happen, itz the work of our 6th sense, it don't have time and space that is why people see things that are gonna happen and some people can telipaticaly communicate with a person who is physically very far from him / her. hmmm so it defies space also, So what is reality? According to me reality is where there is no time and space. It is very hard for us to imagine such a situation but people who do deep meditations can collapse time and space because we all live in this physical world and our 5 senses are tuned to this physical sense, But there are reality happening deep withing us every time in our own soul and we are not aware of it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Who are we? spiritual person, spiritual soul?

Who are we? where are we coming from ? Where are we going? What happens after we die?
These are the questions which are gonna get answered during the aquarian age and it will revolutionaries the way we all think, it will completely change the human thoughts and ideas for ever, even science and religion will move closer by the advance of quantum physics, nano technology and brain science. watch out for the experiment results coming out of hydron clollider. These all experiments will get dragged towards our spiritual soul.

Watch out for my coming postings you can find out more ...

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